Job ressources

Web 2.0 means collaboration and mutual responsibility! Keeping the web interesting means uploading more than downloading from it ! In that spirit I am offering you below several google doc with lists of my favorites consultancies in London and UK. As they are  open documents, please in the same spirit add your own informations to it (new firms, more small details on existing ones).
Why am I doing that? (considering that I am looking for a job at the moment one may consider that I am helping my competitors). Well because I believe in my chances anyway, and I have find several open resources in the same spirit in the web, which I enjoyed, and I want to keep this spirit alive. Also the word of this new decades is co-opetition (collaboration + competition) ! 🙂

The first one provides name & info on specialized on CSR strategy, or more on the communication side while some are 100% on the environment aspect of CSR:

The second one below is even more a “work in progress”. Not cleaned so far. It contained my best UK resources for job hunting in social entrepreneurship and social innovation consulting:


To be coming soon databases and consultancies focused on innovation.


Also if you have any idea, suggestions or just info to pass, do not hesitate me. See my contacts in “About”. Cheers


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