Hybrid Value Chain (Notes from Ashoka ChangeMakers Week 2011)

The original blog were I posted it, with more notes on other workshops from the incredible Ashoka ChangeMakers Week 2011 http://ashoka-changemakersweek.posterous.com/)

About the Hybrid Value Chain concept you can see the work of the French Consultancy Be-Linked be-linked.fr and also the one of another top-level Consultancy Hystra, co-founded by Olivier Kayser in partnership with Ashoka. O. Kayser being former Vice-President of Ashoka, hystra.com
OlivierKayser’s definition of the Hybrid Value Chains concept : “Gap between the way big firms work and the ways citizens organisations works.”


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On Wednesday 21 of June there was an interesting workshop on the Hybrid Value Chain issue.

Olivier From Danone Communities:
key words: Hybrid & Contagious
Hybrid: sustainability ;  join forces ; mix-culture ; paradox ; together ; meet-up ; new-DNA ; co-creation ; redfinine values ; 3 win (PeopleProfitPlanet)
Contagious: Scalable, inspiring, designed, model

Head of Danone Communities Incubator:
“All started from an unplanned meeting between two persons. This two persons had vision, mission, sens of purpose. That a basis to meet someone and see if your purpose can meet another one.
→ listening skills is part of hybrid. Across the culture, avoiding to put your own frame on it.”

Now we have this example of Bangladesh in working with local communities. A plant and a product “by, for, with the community” Not from Headquarters’ engineers.”

“We have learn some much out of the box from this experience: New plant, recruitment, recipe, ways of working with NGOs

At some point of time Danone+Grameen = complete misunderstanding. Common sens & goal is not enough to be an efficient partnership. Complementary competencies: be aligned on them.
We were not more prepared than other to try this project. → need to establish precisely what is everyone bringing to the table. –> This build trust, and also from there you know what you will miss in the partnership.
Networking attitude at Danone: 30% of our employees decided to invest into this fund Danone Communities, with an average of 1500€. Incredible! “

Workgroup time !
People with questions put them on the blackboard, then table are formed everyone move to the table of his/her own interest, I joined the Hybrid Value Chain differents timeframe issue hosted by Eric de Turkheim, Board member of Trafigura Foundation.
Two actors, two different time constraints. How to solve this paradox? How could we meet different timeframe?
NGOs timeframe is usually filling up an annual budget. From that budget they define a Business Model.
Business goal → how do we fund it?

For-profit usual business think the other way, and more long term: “I have an idea/need/project, how am I gonna fund it?”

Pb comes from the origin of the NGOs: idea → fundraising  → refine the idea
NGO have to define precisely the objective and make a Business Plan. That is the most important: to define precisely your project.
In general as a Foundation we commit our money for 3-4-5 years period. Some money is foundation, loan.

To conclude, a picture of a nice guy from Solvatten, a technology to clean water only by using this specific tool and solar ray, especially design for low-income countries’ environments ! Incredible !

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