Whaooo that “MakeSense” !!!

While still working on my short novels (see last post), and exams, and thesis, and more… I was yesterday at the first event by the MakeSense community in London: a round-up (kind of very creative brainstorming) with good-willed and supercool people in order to provide fresh ideas for a top social enterprise named MyBnk. It was organized within the LSE with the support of LSE Student Business Incubator. That was so cool, I encourage social-minded person, entrepreneurs and creatives to try it once at least!

MyBnk is an award-winning social enterprise whose programmes develop young people’s finance and enterprise capability through fun and interactive activities which put young people at their heart. The focus yesterday was on a mobile app to enlarge the learning experience that MyBnk provides.

MakeSense is a supercool community, and an open project kickstarted by activists Romain & Christian for Social Business.

It challenges people for social business, online thanks to a Web-Application (makesense.org) and offline through gatherings, like the one yesterday at the LSE.
If you are courageous enough, you can wtach the 5min video to learn more about the project.

About MakeSense ( à propos de MakeSense ) from christian vanizette on Vimeo.

UPDATE : Here is a post about this session, on MyBnk’s blog, by Mike Rompy Manager of the Mobile project within MyBnk !

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