Kind of a “portofolio”

For the purpose of the most exciting application of the year, I need to upload a past project brochure. It is not compulsory as I’m not a designer, but I actually designed this brochure as I was the voluntary communication manager  -that explained the basic design-, and it fits so perfectly with the application…

This project, a human rights film festival in Haiti in parallel with the development of a local film school and a small scale high quality clothes factory, was never finished. The brochure was finalized early January 2010 with the agreement for the UNESCO label, we were about to start an intensive fund raising within the Parisian fashion industry. The dramatic earthquake was the twelve of January 2010. Elsie Haas, the project director, went there with her video camera on the first flight available, she told me that priorities had changed on the ground…

PDF Brochure Césette Dumas Project

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