Blog kickstarting

Hello, invisible reader to my new pragmatic blog.

Why pragmatic blog? Well the purpose of this blog is to share useful or fun informations, to upload link publicly available when I need it, to practice my written English and potentially to share thoughts with friends, relatives and partners. It is very evolutional and pragmatic, there isn’t really one purpose, maybe there is no purpose at all… ;)

At first, I see it as a very personal blog, it may change later on. So far I would be surprised if someone I don’t know was interested in. I used to manage several other blogs : NeoGeekGeneration for a media class, the S.Impact blog which was a short one, and the Sorbonne-CELSA Student Union blog co-edited with Fabien Idoux. That pragmatic one, though, is different, because for the first time, it’s free editing!

To give you a few clues, here are my interests, short-term and long-term goals:

  • Solve environmental, social, economical or political problems. (by the way I’m not superman, I didn’t wrote I will do it by myself 🙂
  • Participate, from far to close (But I like dirties hands) to the combats that according to me, worth fighting for. There is so many of them (better share of goods, democracy, free speech and media, feminism, reducing human footprint, building more decentralized and sustainable source of energy, educating the non-educated, spreading arts, creativity and innovation and so more…)
  • Be in a good-and-strong network to work on and solve situations requiring international scale of action. I like international teams.
  • Running my own business (for sure!) for fun & money.
  • Keep on enjoying the good things: cooking, eating, traveling, meeting people, discovering arts.

See that is really personal at first glance ! 🙂

Welcome !

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